server: {
    config: ConfigHelper;
    gql: GQLHelper;
    osgi: OSGiHelper;
    registry: RegistryHelper;
    render: RenderHelper;

A set of helpers that provide common functionality provided by Jahia for Javascript server-side rendering

Type declaration

  • config: ConfigHelper

    This helper provides access to OSGi configuration

  • gql: GQLHelper

    This helper provides access Jahia's GraphQL API, to execute queries and mutations

  • osgi: OSGiHelper

    This helper provides access to OSGi bundle for resource loading and service access

  • registry: RegistryHelper

    This helper provides access to Jahia's registry API, to register new UI objects or retrieving existing ones

  • render: RenderHelper

    This helper provides rendering functions such as registering page resources, adding cache dependencies or rendering components